SF Giants – Freakin’ Awesome World Series Victory!


DETROIT — Three weeks ago, it seemed impossible. A week-and-a-half ago, it seemed unimaginable.

But after what the San Francisco Giants accomplished on a frigid Sunday night in October, maybe we should vow never to use those words again in sports. (Click to read the entire ESPN article by Jayson Stark at ESPN.com)



Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants freak everyone out, win the World Series! (Click to read)

Tim Lincecum, aka The Freak leads SF Giants to World Series Victory

Secret Key Discovered; HAIR

Check out Shaun White, Troy Polamalu, Alexander Ovechkin, Pao Gasol, Sumo-Guy, Manny Ramirez, Old School Hoops Guy, Tim Lincecum, Rafael Nadal…notice anything? Yeah, crazy HAIR…BAM!…the secret to male  international, all-world freakish sports greatness discovered!

SportSketch #4 – The Freak

Any wonder why they call Tim Lincecum, starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, “The Freak”?

Tim Lincecum aka The Freak