SportSketch365 #20 – Beauty and Tennis Beast

How do women play tennis wearing big earrings, jewelry, make-up, nail polish, hair clips, evening gowns and crush the ball like beasts?

Maria Sharapova; Beauty and Tennis Beast


SportSketch365 #7 – Tennis Girl

I love tennis…my family and I play doubles quite often…my wife and son against my daughter and I…it’s a blast! Every year I really enjoy going to the US Open at Flushing Meadow with my brothers and father, an awesome sporting event! Kim Clijsters and Caroline Wozniaki, stars at this year’s Open both incredible players…here’s a small, fun tennis sketch…

Go Planet Design Launches Play Strong®


Go Planet Design, the sports illustration, design and promotions firm announced the launch of an inspirational new sports greeting card and gift brand, Play Strong®. In the often hyper-competetive world of youth sports, Play Strong® offers positive, high-impact and encouraging sports messages with original illustrations and designs on greeting cards, stationery, apparel, merchandise and gifts. Over twenty sports are represented (including basketball, soccer, water polo, football, baseball, volleyball, snowboarding, gymnastics, surfing, skateboarding, field hockey, ice hockey, golf, skiing, tennis, softball, swimming, lacrosse, wrestling and motocross).

Steve Shoff, president and creative director of Go Planet Design commented, “We believe that genuine encouragement and affirmation are two of the most vital and effective motivators of young athletes and their coaches. There’s something very special about gratitude and generous recognition that inspires the aspiring athlete. That’s what Play Strong® is all about.” The Play Strong® website includes a store, blog, wholesale page and more featuring fun, festive products and greeting cards for the holiday season. So this season, Play Strong® and unleash your inner champion!

Do You Get All Crazy About Sports?

Tennis, bowling, archery, what’s your passion? See blog entry from October 22nd…here’s the fourth in a series (of four) quick, kinda goofy illos that I did for the “Uh, sports, not so much…” crowd…

Records Smashed At Paralympic Games

Less media coverage but loads of heart and incredible talent at the Beijing Paralympics 2008…including wheelchair rugby, swimming, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis and much more, check it out!

Play Strong At The US Open

A few pics from the US Open…we proudly wore our global icon tennis caricature Play Strong® t-shirts…had a woman run up to us and stop us about the tees…”I love ’em! Where can I get one!?” she screamed hysterically, well uh, she asked enthusiastically…of course I loaded her up with cards and info…that was fun…the US Open was awesome…I got Rafa Nadal’s autograph, see insert photo for proof…you may also wonder if that’s Woody Harrellson, no that’s my brother Jason, an even more famous actor than Woody in his heyday (he’s a legend in Croatia) sporting his Rocket Man tee…

US Open Tennis T-Shirt Designs

Four tennis caricature t-shirt designs I did for Play Strong Sports…the US Open is in high gear, Nadal, Federer, Roddick, Blake, Djokovic…who’s your pick to win it? Heading out there tomorrow…if you’re a tennis sports fan, it’s incredible, definitely the best sports ticket in town…