Santa Sports Mojo – “All I Want For Christmas”

Check out the crazy fun Play Strong® Santa Sports Mojo line (hockey, soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball and basketball) of t-shirts, hoodies, ornaments, Christmas cards and more! The Hockey “Checking It Twice” t-shirt is all this little guy wants for Christmas!


SportSketch365 #2 – Tebow 2.0

Tim Tebow in the NFL…will the collegiate Man-Of-Steel crush in the NFL? Baby Steps now, Big Man impact later? Tebow 2.0…ball point pen and watercolor sketch:

Tebow 2.0

This Was A Bucket List Trip!

Not only was it a total blast being at the Met’s last Saturday game at Shea Stadium (September 27th…I’m just getting to writing about it!) with my son and a couple of friends, walking the warning track for the national anthem, witnessing Johan Santana pitch a shut-out and enjoying the all-you-can-eat BBQ in the corporate tent…it was a complete sensory overload trip (as an artist) seeing over 1200 t-shirts with illustrations and designs that I created on my drawing table loving the game and cheering like maniacs…(check it out at the GK&R site)…BTW, the Pitch In For A Good Cause Foundation has sold thousands of these t-shirts and raised tens of thousands of $ for charities, very cool!

Are You A Sports Genius?

When it comes to sports, I’m definitely not the sharpest hoe in the barn, but I’m always surprised for some reason when people that I meet have really no interest in or knowledge of sports at all (huh, maybe they have a life?)…here’s the first in a series (of four) quick, kinda goofy illos that I did for the “Uh, sports, not so much…” crowd…plus it’s always kinda fun to draw big blotchy, red-ish noses…

Snowboarding – It’s Superpipe Time Dudes

Okay, I might be alittle ahead of myself, but it’s almost that snowboarding time o’year (even tho I’ve never snowboarded, I’m stoked!)…never too early for a snowboarding illo…also, check out this interview with street-cred-megastar Shaun White, says about doing a gazillion interviews a day, “…it’s cool, but it’s also a lot of pressure, ‘cuz I don’t want to say something that makes me sound like an idiot and then have people think that all snowboarders are idiots. I don’t want to wreck what snowboarding is.” Snowboarding rocks! (Sports Illustration #49)

Mets Broadcasters Support Great Charities

Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling, beloved SNY broadcasters for the MLB Mets (again on top of the NL East) pitch in for some great causes…check out the video, the cool events, the GaryKeithandRon website (and check out the cool Go Planet Design/Steve Shoff illustrated and designed logo and t-shirts!)

Why Is A Football Called Pigskin?

Why is a football called a pigskin? And why are sports balls (like this football) fun to draw, ink and watercolor? On the first question, I didn’t know…check out Wiki Answers and the Straight Dope…kinda cool…on the drawing one, it’s just fun to try to capture the feel, the essence of the ball, it’s everything to the ball-sports fanatic. If you like rugby, football, soccer, basketball, baseball…etc. it’s all about the ball…(Sports Illustration #48)