SportSketch365 #10 – Flyin’

This looks like fun…


Shaun White Snowboarding 2008

The Mountainman of Snow-cred, Shaun White launches the new IT game, November 16th…looks very cool, check it out…


Go Planet Design Launches Play Strong®


Go Planet Design, the sports illustration, design and promotions firm announced the launch of an inspirational new sports greeting card and gift brand, Play Strong®. In the often hyper-competetive world of youth sports, Play Strong® offers positive, high-impact and encouraging sports messages with original illustrations and designs on greeting cards, stationery, apparel, merchandise and gifts. Over twenty sports are represented (including basketball, soccer, water polo, football, baseball, volleyball, snowboarding, gymnastics, surfing, skateboarding, field hockey, ice hockey, golf, skiing, tennis, softball, swimming, lacrosse, wrestling and motocross).

Steve Shoff, president and creative director of Go Planet Design commented, “We believe that genuine encouragement and affirmation are two of the most vital and effective motivators of young athletes and their coaches. There’s something very special about gratitude and generous recognition that inspires the aspiring athlete. That’s what Play Strong® is all about.” The Play Strong® website includes a store, blog, wholesale page and more featuring fun, festive products and greeting cards for the holiday season. So this season, Play Strong® and unleash your inner champion!

New SI Gallery – Sports Illo Plus Collection

Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, LT, Tiger Woods, Nastia Liukin, Kobe Bryant, Shawn White…you can find illustrations and caricatures inspired by these superstars and many more (about 100) in the new SI Gallery, a collection of favorites from this SI blog…check out the tab at the right>>>

Youth Sports – Are We Having Fun Yet?

Seems the days of playing for hours, unsupervised with friends out in the woods or in the neighborhood vacant lot are long gone. Unfortunate, those were good times! While I love (and have coached many) youth sports, I sometimes wonder if the kids are having as much fun as we used to. I also wonder if some of the old sayings like “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” have lost much of their luster in our win-at-all-costs, professional-athletes-as-god culture…anyhow, here’s the third installment of fun sports celebration dances…for the love of the game! (Illustrated Sports #28 )

IF – Wide

Nothin’ quite like the wide open space of flight, wind under your board, scent of upper-echelon street cred in your nostrils, total command of the skies…at least that’s what some of the kids in my neighborhood tell me (and I believe ’em)…

Sports Promo T-Shirt Designs

Here’s a few sports promotional designs I’ve done recently for Strike One Sports Center, The Boys and Girl’s Club, Skateboarding Competition and SCOR Soccer…