SportSketch365 #15 – All Black Attacker

Speaking of rugby, Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu; Fierce Attacking Rugby All-Black


Why Is A Football Called Pigskin?

Why is a football called a pigskin? And why are sports balls (like this football) fun to draw, ink and watercolor? On the first question, I didn’t know…check out Wiki Answers and the Straight Dope…kinda cool…on the drawing one, it’s just fun to try to capture the feel, the essence of the ball, it’s everything to the ball-sports fanatic. If you like rugby, football, soccer, basketball, baseball…etc. it’s all about the ball…(Sports Illustration #48)

Records Smashed At Paralympic Games

Less media coverage but loads of heart and incredible talent at the Beijing Paralympics 2008…including wheelchair rugby, swimming, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis and much more, check it out!