Secret Key Discovered; HAIR

Check out Shaun White, Troy Polamalu, Alexander Ovechkin, Pao Gasol, Sumo-Guy, Manny Ramirez, Old School Hoops Guy, Tim Lincecum, Rafael Nadal…notice anything? Yeah, crazy HAIR…BAM!…the secret to male  international, all-world freakish sports greatness discovered!


Champions Series Illustrated Designs

Over the next week or so I’m going to be highlighting some of the sports illustrated and graphic designs I’ve been working on…here’s a few thumbnails of illustrated designs that I’m real excited about that I did recently for the Play Strong® Champions Series…a line of greeting cards, stationery and journal covers inspired by some of the great contemporary sports champions…including Tiger Woods, Jeff Saturday, Tom Brady, Gretchen Bleiler, Michael Phelps, Coach Bo Schembechler, Rafael Nadal, Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson, Kevin Garnett, Sidney Crosby and others…hope you enjoy…


Rafael Nadal; House On Fire

I remember thinking last year that Rafael Nadal made THE statement in his five setter against Federer that he’s for real, he’s here to stay and that he’s got the stuff to catch up to and eclipse Roger. Today he made it real with an epic, gutsy, champion’s effort. It’s amazing the strides he’s made as a Spanish clay court specialist, scratching and clawing to become so effective on grass. Inspired me to think of what’s possible with desire, determination and perseverance. Is Rafael here to stay? Have we witnessed the beginning on one of the greatest rivalries in sports? I think so…Congrats Rafa! (Illustrated Sports #25)

Smackdown! Clay King Dominates Swiss Master

This kid Rafael Nadal is really quite a champion. Being a huge tennis fan, I remember Bjorn Borg’s amazing runs at the French, they were remarkable. But the fire and grit in Rafa’s game and the humble style in which he wins, even apologizing for trouncing Roger so completely (6-1, 6-3, 6-0), saying “Roger, I’m sorry…” during the trophy ceremony (a touch unusual, but definitely Rafa) is one-of-a-kind. Well done Rafa, can’t wait to see you at Wimbledon! (Illustrated Sports #6)

Rafael Nadal – The Mallorcan Clay Master

The great Spaniard, clay court specialist, Mallorcan Madman, Rafael Nadal will defend his French Open dynasty against Roger Federer. Nadal seems like a man possessed of insane clay-court calmness…Nadal in four sets! (Illustrated Sports #3)