SF Giants – Freakin’ Awesome World Series Victory!


DETROIT — Three weeks ago, it seemed impossible. A week-and-a-half ago, it seemed unimaginable.

But after what the San Francisco Giants accomplished on a frigid Sunday night in October, maybe we should vow never to use those words again in sports. (Click to read the entire ESPN article by Jayson Stark at ESPN.com)



Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants freak everyone out, win the World Series! (Click to read)

Tim Lincecum, aka The Freak leads SF Giants to World Series Victory

SportSketch365 #18 – ‘Roid Rage

I did this illo for a client a couple years ago for a kid’s summer baseball camp, sadly he never used it…never found out why…I’m thinking it’s because the guy’s kind of ‘roided out…I’m ticked, I kinda miss the huge home run hitters…baseball’s boring now…do I have reverse “Roid Rage?

'Roid Rage, Where have All The Homers Gone?

SportSketch365 #16 – CC Large

Everything about this man is LARGE…he makes $161 large, he mans-up large, he pitches changeup x-large, the brim of his hat is large…let’s see if comes up large against the Rangers…

CC Sabathia; XXXL

SportSketch365 #5 – Jeeeta!

Jeter, The Shortstop, Yankees' all-time hits leader

This Was A Bucket List Trip!

Not only was it a total blast being at the Met’s last Saturday game at Shea Stadium (September 27th…I’m just getting to writing about it!) with my son and a couple of friends, walking the warning track for the national anthem, witnessing Johan Santana pitch a shut-out and enjoying the all-you-can-eat BBQ in the corporate tent…it was a complete sensory overload trip (as an artist) seeing over 1200 t-shirts with illustrations and designs that I created on my drawing table loving the game and cheering like maniacs…(check it out at the GK&R site)…BTW, the Pitch In For A Good Cause Foundation has sold thousands of these t-shirts and raised tens of thousands of $ for charities, very cool!

Mets Broadcasters Support Great Charities

Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling, beloved SNY broadcasters for the MLB Mets (again on top of the NL East) pitch in for some great causes…check out the video, the cool events, the GaryKeithandRon website (and check out the cool Go Planet Design/Steve Shoff illustrated and designed logo and t-shirts!)