Kobe Shuts Down Lebron in Houston All Star Game

HOUSTON — After watching Kobe Bryant defend LeBron James during the final minutes of last night’s All-Star Game, you’d be forgiven for thinking Bryant thought he was playing in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. “[Bryant] was talking during the timeout he wanted to take [James] one on one,” Spurs point guard Tony Parker said, “and he did a pretty good job.” (Click to read the entire article by Tim Bontemps for the New York Post)

Kobe Bryant


Carmelo & Knicks Rock Lakers

Carmelo Anthony(Illustration by Steve Shoff) NEW YORK — Sensing a fellow shooter had become gun shy, Kobe Bryant had a message for Carmelo Anthony last summer. Ignore the critics, he said. Stop worrying about fitting in and get back to a scorer’s mentality. “You have to do what you do best,” Bryant told him…(Click to read the entire story at ESPN.com)

Kobe & New Lakers Go Big Tonite; NBA Kickoff!



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Magic: Kobe One Away From Best Laker Ever

“The great thing about the Lakers is that we judge by championships,” said Magic, who — along with Kareem, Kobe and crucial role player Derek Fisher — has won a handful of rings with the Lakers. “So when Kobe gets that next one, then he’ll be The Man; he’ll be the greatest Laker. And I’ll have no problem giving him that.” (Click to read entire article)

Kobe Bryant MVP of Lakers All Time?

Conquest Continues; Lakers 6-0 Dominate Dallas

Kobe, Gasol, Bynum and Co. continue the Conquest of the West 2008-09…(Sports Illustration)


Zen Master’s Lakers Dominate Houston

Look deep into Phil Jackson’s (Vudu Guru’s, Laker Shaker’s, Zen Master’s) eyes…what do you see? DOMINATION. Read entire article (click)