Sports Valentines Greeting Cards; Love Your Sports Fanatic!


Sports Valentines Greeting Cards

Do you love a sports fanatic? Show ‘em The Love this Valentines Day with an illustrated watercolor designed Sports Valentines Day card! The cover of the card is fun and expressive but also check out the inside message, sure to inspire the heart of your favorite athlete, coach or sports fan! Click here to shop: Play Strong® Sports Valentines Greeting Card Store!

Play Strong® Sports is the inspirational Kids Sports Encouragement Co. Greeting Card and Lifestyle brand dedicated to having fun and encouraging the world. Our signature products are our Sports Powercards™ incredibly cool and encouraging sports greeting, note, thank you, thanks coach, holiday and birthday cards featuring over 20 sports including basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, water polo, field hockey, football, baseball, lacrosse and hockey! Check us out at and on]


Practice Hard, Play Strong, Love the Game!

Sometimes it seems that the days of neighborhood kids playing sports for hours unsupervised with friends at the neighborhood vacant lot are long gone. Those were good times! While I enjoy (and have coached many) organized youth sports, I sometimes wonder if the kids are having as much fun as we used to. I also wonder if some of the good ol’ sayings like “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” are still held in high regard in our win-at-all-costs, professional-athletics-driven culture. I still believe that everyone benefits from sports the most when there’s a spirit of FUN and exciting PLAY…sports are amazing, let’s remember to ENJOY!

Awesome Sports Team Fundraiser With Play Strong®

Play Strong® Sports Powercard™ GO-PACK™ Fundraiser!

Play Strong Sports Go-Pack FundraiserIf your looking for a fun, easy and super-encouraging way to raise money for your team, organization or group then you’ll love our Play Strong® GO-PACK™ Fundraiser! We’ll donate $12.50 (that’s 50% of the retail price!) to your team for every GO-PACK™ you sell and there’s no up-front costs or fees! (Compare that to selling candy, scratch cards or cookie dough:-) (Click here to go to the Play Strong® Sports Fundraiser website)

Our popular sports-themed assorted greeting card and note card box-set GO-PACKS™ are the perfect fundraiser item (and sugar-free!). They’re practical and inspirational, a gift that keeps on giving and spreading encouragement! (FYI: Sports Moms love GO-Packs™ since they buy an average of 60 greeting cards per year for birthdays, get-wells, holidays, team encouragement and more!)

Play Strong® Sports is committed to helping athletic teams, organizations and groups raise the money they need to stay focussed on developing players and coaches and helping sports dreams come true!