SportSketch365 #23 – Missile-Toe

It’s that time of year! I did this Missile-Toe Soccer Santa as part of a series of Sports Christmas cards for Play Strong® (Click to check out / purchase all of the cool Sports Santa Cards at Play Strong® Sports!)


Secret Key Discovered; HAIR

Check out Shaun White, Troy Polamalu, Alexander Ovechkin, Pao Gasol, Sumo-Guy, Manny Ramirez, Old School Hoops Guy, Tim Lincecum, Rafael Nadal…notice anything? Yeah, crazy HAIR…BAM!…the secret to male  international, all-world freakish sports greatness discovered!

SportSketch365 #20 – Beauty and Tennis Beast

How do women play tennis wearing big earrings, jewelry, make-up, nail polish, hair clips, evening gowns and crush the ball like beasts?

Maria Sharapova; Beauty and Tennis Beast

SportSketch365 #19 – Sumo Studs

Sumo…the sport of the gods…these guys actually live in stables and use iPads (check out this article)

Sumo; The Sport of the Gods

SportSketch365 #16 – CC Large

Everything about this man is LARGE…he makes $161 large, he mans-up large, he pitches changeup x-large, the brim of his hat is large…let’s see if comes up large against the Rangers…

CC Sabathia; XXXL

SportSketch365 #15 – All Black Attacker

Speaking of rugby, Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu; Fierce Attacking Rugby All-Black

SportSketch365 #12 – Diehard Diva

Brett Favre, love him or loathe him, the guy just won’t go away…

Brett Favre; The Diehard Diva of Football