JAMQUEST 2008 – Hoops To Help Kids In Africa

I did this t-shirt design back in April for JAMQUEST 2008. It was a 3-on-3 basketball tournament created and organized by a fourteen year-old boy. Held to raise funds for orphans and vulnerable kids in Kenya through HOPE worldwide, it turned out to be an amazing event, raising awareness and $3,000 all of which went directly to the Kenyan program. BTW, the fourteen year-old boy happens to be my son…we’re very proud of him! Read all about it on the HOPE worldwide website. (Sports Illustration #27)


Primal Piston Fist Pump

It’s the current get-all-crazy-fired-up motion…Tiger does it, so does Rafael, I’ve seen Tom (Brady) do it too…the Primal Piston Fist Pump…here’s a few victory dance moves (chicken dance, lawn mower, pump-it-up), second of three installments of victory dance illustrations. How ’bout it, in the heat of the battle, or when the victory’s been won, what’s your personal favorite, go-to move? (Illustrated Sports #26)