SportSketch365 #22 – Bigg-er Three

The big three Celtics…Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce looked BIG last night at their home-opener over the Little Three in Miami…2011 hoist another trophy?

Big Three Celtics


Hoops Zen Master – Buddha Luck Next Time

Seems to me that hoops Zen Master Phil Jackson lost his Feng Shui along the Wu Way as his Lakers got progressively worse with each finals game rather than tactically better down the missed-championship stretch. Expertly adjust and direct, that’s what coaches do. Doc Rivers seemed much more insightful, savvy and effective as he responded to each crisis, motivating and strategizing his Celtics to victory. Will Phil get another chance? Will Phil find inner peace? It’s back to the meditation mat…(Sports Illustration #14)

Boston Massacre; Lakers Bleed Green

Admittedly, I’m a huge Laker fan, but these Celtics are just good (very good!). Suffocating, monster-physical defense. Inside and outside scoring power. Magical team mojo. The Doc turning all the right motivational knobs. Guts, courage and resolve. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen clutch performances…greatest turnaround in history…Boston Three Party, nice Irish job!

(Sports Illustration ‘Lucky’ #13)

Kevin Garnett – Game One Goes To The Big Ticket

KG, The Big Ticket, the Boston Celtics’ Monster In The Middle whose presence has elevated the Celtics from the brink of ruin back to the Big Stage was the key to Game 1 according to Stan McNeal of Sporting News Magazine, “But the real difference in the game was that the best player was on the Celtics. Kevin Garnett…” Seen here in all his hoops mojo under the hallowed green banners…(Illustrated Sports #4)

Larry Bird, Hoops Pioneer

Dug this cartoon up from way back…in the spirit of the current Lakers / Celtics NBA finals. A forgotten era? Maybe not, but one that’s fun to remember from time to time…and the $ contract, very interesting, read below…(Illustrated Sports #1)

New York Times, September 29, 1983 – “Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics made it official yesterday. They announced that the all-star forward had signed a seven-year contract that is expected to bring him more than $2 million a year. For Bird, who was entering the last of a five-year, $650,000-a-year contract, the deal is especially sweet…makes Bird, at age 26, the highest paid player in basketball.”