Primal Piston Fist Pump

It’s the current get-all-crazy-fired-up motion…Tiger does it, so does Rafael, I’ve seen Tom (Brady) do it too…the Primal Piston Fist Pump…here’s a few victory dance moves (chicken dance, lawn mower, pump-it-up), second of three installments of victory dance illustrations. How ’bout it, in the heat of the battle, or when the victory’s been won, what’s your personal favorite, go-to move? (Illustrated Sports #26)


More Summer Pool Fun

Summer swim season (practices, meets, fun) starts today…good times (you can see the first sunburn of the season on these two)! The added bonus for all of us is this year we get to watch the Olympics…talk about exciting swimming, that will be a blast. Lots of illustrations to come on the summer Olympics! What summer activity are you most looking forward to? (Sports Illustration #17)