World’s Greatest Athlete A Water Polo Player?

Ok, name me a famous water polo player…tough, huh?…now consider, a water polo player as the greatest athlete in the world…Check out this 2004 article about Tony Azevedo…some of the most intense athletes I’ve ever met are Water Polo addicts at schools like UC Berkeley and UCLA…rule the pool dude…



You Love Coffee And What?

Seems that as an illustrator it’s important to draw/sketch everyday…this is the kind of stuff that comes out of the brush-pen…Jeremy, coffee, NYC…not sure what it all means…

Records Smashed At Paralympic Games

Less media coverage but loads of heart and incredible talent at the Beijing Paralympics 2008…including wheelchair rugby, swimming, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis and much more, check it out!

Baseball (USA’s Sport) Started In England?

USA Today reports discovery…does this British guy’s diary prove it?

Click here to read the article in USA Today.

Youth Sports – Are We Having Fun Yet?

Seems the days of playing for hours, unsupervised with friends out in the woods or in the neighborhood vacant lot are long gone. Unfortunate, those were good times! While I love (and have coached many) youth sports, I sometimes wonder if the kids are having as much fun as we used to. I also wonder if some of the old sayings like “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” have lost much of their luster in our win-at-all-costs, professional-athletes-as-god culture…anyhow, here’s the third installment of fun sports celebration dances…for the love of the game! (Illustrated Sports #28 )

Official Launch of Shoff Daily Illustration

Today I’ll be writing six different posts to officially launch a project that I’m really excited about: Shoff Illustrated; Daily Illustration (and the crowd goes wild!) Patterned after a bunch of successful Painting-A-Day projects (Daily Paintings, Duane Keiser,) I’ll be posting some very nearly profound editorial insights illustrated by an original brush, ink and watercolor piece. Each original will also have a link to purchase on Ebay. Enjoy!

Check out my Ebay site. Click here.

IF – Wide

Nothin’ quite like the wide open space of flight, wind under your board, scent of upper-echelon street cred in your nostrils, total command of the skies…at least that’s what some of the kids in my neighborhood tell me (and I believe ’em)…