Limited Edition signed prints of Shoff original artwork are for sale at Play Strong® Sports! (Click here to check out the Play Strong® Store!)

Image Usage Available for Purchase:

I often get the question, “Hey Steve, these are cool drawings, can I use one for my project, website, mailing, advertisement..etc.” And my answer is “Yes, I’d be thrilled, but first please read the following…” Most of the images in this gallery and on Shoff Illustrated are available for web, print and media use purchase. If you are interested in using a Shoff Illustrated image then please send me an email inquiry from my Contact Steve page. Image use prices range from $150 to $1250 for print media and $150-$950 for web and electronic media. Otherwise all images are fully restricted and protected by copyright law from any unauthorized copy, print, web or other media reprint or reproduction. © All Rights Reserved. If you’re not willing or able to purchase the image then please do not use it.

I am also available for commissioned assignment, just drop me a note, you guessed it, from the CONTACT STEVE page. Thanks!

By day Steve is an MBA corporate marketing JUGGERNAUT, by night an illustration and design PIONEER and by everyday and night a sports nut and lunatic LOVER of his babe wife and cool kids. Check out his all-world communication arts company Go Planet Design and be amazed!


2 Responses

  1. Is there anyway to use your drawings on a website?

  2. Hi Steve, same question as Chris ! is it possible to use one of your drawings for a web and mention your name on the legal part . Thks

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