Awesome Sports Team Fundraiser With Play Strong®

Play Strong® Sports Powercard™ GO-PACK™ Fundraiser!

Play Strong Sports Go-Pack FundraiserIf your looking for a fun, easy and super-encouraging way to raise money for your team, organization or group then you’ll love our Play Strong® GO-PACK™ Fundraiser! We’ll donate $12.50 (that’s 50% of the retail price!) to your team for every GO-PACK™ you sell and there’s no up-front costs or fees! (Compare that to selling candy, scratch cards or cookie dough:-) (Click here to go to the Play Strong® Sports Fundraiser website)

Our popular sports-themed assorted greeting card and note card box-set GO-PACKS™ are the perfect fundraiser item (and sugar-free!). They’re practical and inspirational, a gift that keeps on giving and spreading encouragement! (FYI: Sports Moms love GO-Packs™ since they buy an average of 60 greeting cards per year for birthdays, get-wells, holidays, team encouragement and more!)

Play Strong® Sports is committed to helping athletic teams, organizations and groups raise the money they need to stay focussed on developing players and coaches and helping sports dreams come true!


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