Hockey Team “Thanks Coach” Greeting Cards Encourage COACH! Play Strong® Sports Powercards™

THANKS COACH! Your HOCKEY Coach Is Awesome!

You know that Coach works his (her) butt off to prepare, teach, train and give it all for the team! Saying a simple “Thanks Coach!” will make Coach’s day a great one! Say “Thanks Coach!” with a Play Strong® Sports Powercard™

A simple, written-from-the-gut “Thanks Coach!” Powercard™ is guaranteed to empower and encourage your coach to keep going, finding the strength to lead the team to the next level. Especially at season’s end, a hand-written card will be something Coach will treasure for a lifetime. Check out all the exciting designs at the!

Hockey Thanks Coach

Play Strong® Sports is the exciting YOUTH SPORTS LIFESTYLE brand dedicated to having fun and encouraging the world. Our signature products are our Sports Powercards™ incredibly cool and encouraging sports greeting, note, thank you, thanks coach and birthday cards featuring over 20 sports including basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, water polo, field hockey, football, baseball, lacrosse and hockey! Check us out at and on]


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