Season’s Greetings from San Diego, CA; Surf & Turf!

San Diego Christmas Cards

Season’s Greetings from San Diego California! Share the Sunny Christmas spirit with all the relatives back in the dreary North as you remind them that you surf everyday, play beach volleyball, eat delicious sushi and work on your tan, all with Santa himself. These humorous and quirky brush, ink and watercolored cards are the unique creation of illustrator Steve Shoff who lived in sunny San Diego for twelve years. Having grown up in New Jersey, with relatives throughout the cold and snowy northeast, Steve loved to remind everyone that he and his family were enjoying Christmas paradise! There are four designs in the “Season’s Greetings from San Diego California” line (“13 Daze”, “Santa Beach”, “Catchin’ Christmas Rays” and “Surf’s Up Santa”) Click Here to Get this year’s San Diego themed Christmas Cards Now at the San Diego Christmas Card Section of the PLAY STRONG® Store.

 Click here to Shop for whimsical, fun San Diego Christmas Cards exclusively at the PLAY STRONG® Store :: The Stuff of Champions™.


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