SportSketch365 #22 – Bigg-er Three

The big three Celtics…Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce looked BIG last night at their home-opener over the Little Three in Miami…2011 hoist another trophy?

Big Three Celtics


SportSketch365 #21 – Spanish Big and Tall

Pau Gasol comes up huge in Laker’s home-opener…dangling the competition with full European neck beard and everything (Click to read Lakers)

Secret Key Discovered; HAIR

Check out Shaun White, Troy Polamalu, Alexander Ovechkin, Pao Gasol, Sumo-Guy, Manny Ramirez, Old School Hoops Guy, Tim Lincecum, Rafael Nadal…notice anything? Yeah, crazy HAIR…BAM!…the secret to male ┬áinternational, all-world freakish sports greatness discovered!

SportSketch365 #20 – Beauty and Tennis Beast

How do women play tennis wearing big earrings, jewelry, make-up, nail polish, hair clips, evening gowns and crush the ball like beasts?

Maria Sharapova; Beauty and Tennis Beast

SportSketch365 #19 – Sumo Studs

Sumo…the sport of the gods…these guys actually live in stables and use iPads (check out this article)

Sumo; The Sport of the Gods

SportSketch365 #18 – ‘Roid Rage

I did this illo for a client a couple years ago for a kid’s summer baseball camp, sadly he never used it…never found out why…I’m thinking it’s because the guy’s kind of ‘roided out…I’m ticked, I kinda miss the huge home run hitters…baseball’s boring now…do I have reverse “Roid Rage?

'Roid Rage, Where have All The Homers Gone?

Who’s your favorite coach?

I’ve drawn a few coaches (see below; click to enlarge)…who’s your favorite all time coach? Let me know and I’ll see if I can draw him (or her)…