SportSketch #4 – The Freak

Any wonder why they call Tim Lincecum, starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, “The Freak”?

Tim Lincecum aka The Freak


SportSketch365 #3 – Hairtastic!

Okay, 16 ink cartridges later I’m done with Polamalu’s hair...Troy Polamalu is part Donna Summer, part Jr. Seau and part Fabio…fun  to draw, the commercials of Polamalu are pretty hilarious…he’s listed as 5’10” but with hair, 6’9″…

Troy Polamalu; The Dude With The Hair

SportSketch365 #2 – Tebow 2.0

Tim Tebow in the NFL…will the collegiate Man-Of-Steel crush in the NFL? Baby Steps now, Big Man impact later? Tebow 2.0…ball point pen and watercolor sketch:

Tebow 2.0

SportSketch365 – #1 – Lebron Over Miami

Wow, next week kicks off the 2010-11 NBA season, unbelievable! What better way to kick-off SportSketch365 than with Lebron takin’ it strong to Miami! You can see all the white-out, I started to draw something else then I decided to draw ‘Bron’s body…maybe looks like his tatoos a bit?

King James Takin' It Strong To Miami