Play Strong® Sports Christmas Card Series

Play Strong® the exciting new sports gift and greeting card brand for players, coaches and fans announced the launch of it’s special Christmas holiday sports greeting cards series “Holiday Mojo”. These fun and expressive sports themed holiday cards (six designs) are perfect for the sports-lover and include original soccer (“Missile-Toe”), basketball (“The Stocking Stuffer”), baseball (“The Snow Cone”), hockey (“Checking It Twice”) and football (“The Holiday Rush”) original illustrations and designs. Each can be previewed and purchased at the Play Strong® website store greeting card section (click to check ’em out!). Play Strong® offers unique, high-impact and encouraging sports messages, original illustrations and designs on premium quality greeting cards, stationery, apparel, merchandise and gifts. Over twenty sports are represented (including basketball, soccer, water polo, football, baseball, volleyball, snowboarding, gymnastics, surfing, skateboarding, field hockey, ice hockey, golf, skiing, tennis, softball, swimming, lacrosse, wrestling and motocross). The Play Strong® website includes a store, blog, wholesale page and more. This season, Play Strong® and unleash your inner Santa sports mojo! 



One Response

  1. Hey, Steve!

    I checked out your whole blog here, and your illustrations are amazing. I blog about picture books on one of my sites, so I’m very excited about artists who can get tons of emotion and story into just one picture.

    If you and your son get started on that sports book, I’d love to help spread the word!

    By the way, like you I also grew up in North Jersey, but only escaped as far as Central Jersey!

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