Play Strong® Sports Christmas Card Series

Play Strong® the exciting new sports gift and greeting card brand for players, coaches and fans announced the launch of it’s special Christmas holiday sports greeting cards series “Holiday Mojo”. These fun and expressive sports themed holiday cards (six designs) are perfect for the sports-lover and include original soccer (“Missile-Toe”), basketball (“The Stocking Stuffer”), baseball (“The Snow Cone”), hockey (“Checking It Twice”) and football (“The Holiday Rush”) original illustrations and designs. Each can be previewed and purchased at the Play Strong® website store greeting card section (click to check ’em out!). Play Strong® offers unique, high-impact and encouraging sports messages, original illustrations and designs on premium quality greeting cards, stationery, apparel, merchandise and gifts. Over twenty sports are represented (including basketball, soccer, water polo, football, baseball, volleyball, snowboarding, gymnastics, surfing, skateboarding, field hockey, ice hockey, golf, skiing, tennis, softball, swimming, lacrosse, wrestling and motocross). The Play Strong® website includes a store, blog, wholesale page and more. This season, Play Strong® and unleash your inner Santa sports mojo! 



Sketchbook – QB Wannabee

One from the brush-pen sketchbook…I think I always wanted to be a rock band lead singer or NFL quarterback…this sketch is me in the backyard showin’ off the skillzes…what did you wannabee?


Shaun White Snowboarding 2008

The Mountainman of Snow-cred, Shaun White launches the new IT game, November 16th…looks very cool, check it out…


Conquest Continues; Lakers 6-0 Dominate Dallas

Kobe, Gasol, Bynum and Co. continue the Conquest of the West 2008-09…(Sports Illustration)


Zen Master’s Lakers Dominate Houston

Look deep into Phil Jackson’s (Vudu Guru’s, Laker Shaker’s, Zen Master’s) eyes…what do you see? DOMINATION. Read entire article (click)



World’s Greatest Athlete A Water Polo Player?

Ok, name me a famous water polo player…tough, huh?…now consider, a water polo player as the greatest athlete in the world…Check out this 2004 article about Tony Azevedo…some of the most intense athletes I’ve ever met are Water Polo addicts at schools like UC Berkeley and UCLA…rule the pool dude…


Champions Series Illustrated Designs

Over the next week or so I’m going to be highlighting some of the sports illustrated and graphic designs I’ve been working on…here’s a few thumbnails of illustrated designs that I’m real excited about that I did recently for the Play Strong® Champions Series…a line of greeting cards, stationery and journal covers inspired by some of the great contemporary sports champions…including Tiger Woods, Jeff Saturday, Tom Brady, Gretchen Bleiler, Michael Phelps, Coach Bo Schembechler, Rafael Nadal, Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson, Kevin Garnett, Sidney Crosby and others…hope you enjoy…