This Was A Bucket List Trip!

Not only was it a total blast being at the Met’s last Saturday game at Shea Stadium (September 27th…I’m just getting to writing about it!) with my son and a couple of friends, walking the warning track for the national anthem, witnessing Johan Santana pitch a shut-out and enjoying the all-you-can-eat BBQ in the corporate tent…it was a complete sensory overload trip (as an artist) seeing over 1200 t-shirts with illustrations and designs that I created on my drawing table loving the game and cheering like maniacs…(check it out at the GK&R site)…BTW, the Pitch In For A Good Cause Foundation has sold thousands of these t-shirts and raised tens of thousands of $ for charities, very cool!


One Response

  1. How cool to see all those people wearing your designs! I saw the photos on GK&R site and it looks like it was a really fun day. (And I have strong leanings toward the “…not so much” side of sports).

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