Who’s Stronger? NFL Lineman Or Shawn Johnson?

Okay, I’m watching Oprah’s special today getting amazed all over again by the Olympics…especially the gymnasts (the fly through the air turns and flips and landings, whoa!) Then later I checked out the Monday Night football game…these football players look like big lumbering cardboard cereal boxes compared to the body strength and agility of these tiny little Nastia Liukins and Shawn Johnsons…who’s stronger? Even star running back Adrian Peterson looked slow and stiff compared to these girls…

4 Responses

  1. they are pretty impressive, imagine their painful training routines.

    I can’t believe oprah spent most of the time on Shawn instead of Nastia, maybe its an americian thing but Nastia won the all around, had more medals.

    Those drawing are awesome

  2. […] goplanet – Who’s Stronger? NFL Lineman Or Shawn Johnson? […]

  3. this drawing is really cool cause its different! that football player must be happy with those ladies around him too!!!! hahaha anyway this drawing rocks and you rock my socks! : )

  4. I’m an avid football fan so I found this post to be really interesting. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to post ! I’ll be adding your site to my newsreader and letting my users know about your site as well.

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