International Children’s Games, Serious Fun

Have you heard about the International Children’s Games in San Francisco? Honestly, I’d never heard of it but it looks like a pretty big Olympic-like deal. Communication Arts says, “This event may be called the International Children’s Games, but these kids aren’t playing around. The 1,500 athletes, ranging in age from 12 to 15 and representing 50 countries, are hardcore.” Check out the ads and the official website, looks like some serious fun…not sure they’re having as good a time as these kids though (hope so)…


Skip Barber Formula One Race Dream

Check out this cool pic…Peter got his dream for his 40th birthday…a few days at the Skip Barber Formula One Racing School (from his wife Marybeth) and I got to be a part of it…Marybeth commissioned a one-of-a-kind gift caricature original to surprise Peter with the race gift…she wrote, “Thank you for making a special birthday so memorable!!!!” Congratulations Peter, you’re gonna love the 40’s! (I especially like the guy in the red Hawaiian shirt in the back!) (Illustrated Sports #29)

Youth Sports – Are We Having Fun Yet?

Seems the days of playing for hours, unsupervised with friends out in the woods or in the neighborhood vacant lot are long gone. Unfortunate, those were good times! While I love (and have coached many) youth sports, I sometimes wonder if the kids are having as much fun as we used to. I also wonder if some of the old sayings like “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” have lost much of their luster in our win-at-all-costs, professional-athletes-as-god culture…anyhow, here’s the third installment of fun sports celebration dances…for the love of the game! (Illustrated Sports #28 )

JAMQUEST 2008 – Hoops To Help Kids In Africa

I did this t-shirt design back in April for JAMQUEST 2008. It was a 3-on-3 basketball tournament created and organized by a fourteen year-old boy. Held to raise funds for orphans and vulnerable kids in Kenya through HOPE worldwide, it turned out to be an amazing event, raising awareness and $3,000 all of which went directly to the Kenyan program. BTW, the fourteen year-old boy happens to be my son…we’re very proud of him! Read all about it on the HOPE worldwide website. (Sports Illustration #27)

Primal Piston Fist Pump

It’s the current get-all-crazy-fired-up motion…Tiger does it, so does Rafael, I’ve seen Tom (Brady) do it too…the Primal Piston Fist Pump…here’s a few victory dance moves (chicken dance, lawn mower, pump-it-up), second of three installments of victory dance illustrations. How ’bout it, in the heat of the battle, or when the victory’s been won, what’s your personal favorite, go-to move? (Illustrated Sports #26)

Rafael Nadal; House On Fire

I remember thinking last year that Rafael Nadal made THE statement in his five setter against Federer that he’s for real, he’s here to stay and that he’s got the stuff to catch up to and eclipse Roger. Today he made it real with an epic, gutsy, champion’s effort. It’s amazing the strides he’s made as a Spanish clay court specialist, scratching and clawing to become so effective on grass. Inspired me to think of what’s possible with desire, determination and perseverance. Is Rafael here to stay? Have we witnessed the beginning on one of the greatest rivalries in sports? I think so…Congrats Rafa! (Illustrated Sports #25)