Larry Bird, Hoops Pioneer

Dug this cartoon up from way back…in the spirit of the current Lakers / Celtics NBA finals. A forgotten era? Maybe not, but one that’s fun to remember from time to time…and the $ contract, very interesting, read below…(Illustrated Sports #1)

New York Times, September 29, 1983 – “Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics made it official yesterday. They announced that the all-star forward had signed a seven-year contract that is expected to bring him more than $2 million a year. For Bird, who was entering the last of a five-year, $650,000-a-year contract, the deal is especially sweet…makes Bird, at age 26, the highest paid player in basketball.”


One Response

  1. I remember this one!! Either it was published in the “Freep” or you had it in your dorm room or office (@ BU athletics dept). Cool site. I’m signing up for the Daily Illo. Brings back good memories of college times and your illustrations.

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