Fun In The Sun

Wow, July 1st, summer’s off and running…next few days I’ll post a series of sports “Victory Dance” illustrations that I did for a ‘Congratulations’ sports greeting card, including nine sports, entitled “Victory Is Sweet” (#1111 Check out the whole line!) …nothing like the sweet thrill of victory, party on! (Illustrated Sports #24)


Man Beast – Reese Hoffa

These Olympics are going to be fun…the tone already is awesome with records being set and names like Tyson Gay and Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff coming into the headlines…how about this man-beast Reese Hoffa, reigning outdoor shot-put champion, finishing first in the trials (the pink ball doesn’t look that beast-ish, but I won’t tell Reese that)…onto Beijing! (Illustrated Sports #23)

Formula One Adrenaline Infusion

Here’s a headless version (can’t reveal the full piece, since it’s still a surprise) of a private commission illustration I finished today…a cool birthday gift for a 40 year-old who’s nuts for Formula One race cars…guess what he’s getting for his birthday?! (in addition to this illo!) Anyone out there into Formula One? (Illustrated Sports #22)

Illustration Friday – Fierce

What is it about some coaches? The glare, the bark, the threat of lung-crushing wind-sprints? The high tube socks, the aviator reflector glasses? August football two-a-days are coming up…fierce coaches will be out in full force…Move those hooves! (Illustrated Sports #21)

Best Looking Fans

Drew this watching Red Sox and Arizona tonight…New York and Boston are definitely home to some of the gnarliest looking fans…(Sports Illustration #20)

Can Kimbo Slice Win Wimbledon?

Okay, I know I’m getting my sports mixed up, but it was just a few weeks ago that Kimbo Slice “Once a hardened street fighter, now an MMA machine” (according to his website) came out of nowhere to front page sports news stardom…is this guy for real, or just another 15 minutes-of-fame Youtube video phenom?…I did this illo a few weeks ago…(Illustrated Sports #19)

Masters of Sport

My son and I are planning to write and illustrate a book about the great masters of sport. We want to study those in the various sports who set the bars of athletic achievement against which all others are measured. Who were they? Why were (or are) they truly great? What sets them apart? I’m figuring that one unanimous choice for the list is the great Jim Thorpe…hence this brush and ink sketch…who do you think is a true Master of Sport? (Sports Illustration #18 )