IF – Wide

Nothin’ quite like the wide open space of flight, wind under your board, scent of upper-echelon street cred in your nostrils, total command of the skies…at least that’s what some of the kids in my neighborhood tell me (and I believe ’em)…


Kobe Haters Weep & Gnash

The report is out…Kobe Bryant, 2008 NBA MVP…Kobe haters worldwide are pulling out their hair…Congrats Kobe! It takes a true competitor to keep the fire and passion at this stage of your career, way to fight thru all the injuries and come to play every game from the very first game…now, onto your fourth championship!

Is Warren Buffet a Baller?

I was reading the other day about Warren Buffet having lunch at his favorite eatery with A-Rod. I also heard he said something like “If Lebron James were a stock, I’d buy.” Is the Big War trying to up his street cred? I know he’s a hard-baller, no, THE Hard Baller when it comes to the billionaire finances…but is he a ‘Baller? Let me know if you have anything on this…actually I just drew this sketch and it got me thinking…

Athletic Overdrive

Mixed in with the advertising and promotion jobs that I’m working on, I usually have a private commission project or two that I’m doing. This one was a lot of fun…a graduation gift for a kinesiology student from, you guessed it, Indiana University (going to grad school at UNC)…this guys a sports NUT / EMT / Athletic Trainer / Extreme Skier / Outdoor Fanatic as you can see…these special time pieces are a blast, I especially like the sports related ones! Happy graduation, congratulations!