Where’s Bill?

Has anyone seen this man? 

belichek4wb.jpgbelichek5wb.jpgbelichek6wb.jpg   Bill Belichick coach of mystery…


Ten and Ohhhh (Yeah!)

Kobe and 7′ Spanish Gladiator, Pau Gasol got the serious RNF (Rythym & Flow) goin’ on! 10-0 run with L.O., Jordan Farmar, Sash, D-Fish and the rest of the Lakes on fire!        


Tired 350 Ton Diesel?

I don’t know…gettin’ a bad feelin’ about this…Shaq Daddy, the great Shaquille O’Neal, The Diesel, heading to Phoenix in his twilight? Sounds like a panic move to me…


Monster Trades

Two sweet monster pick-ups over the last 24 hours…Pau Gasol (the 7-foot Mick Jagger and Don Imus combo Pert posterboy) to the Lakers and Johan Santana to the Mets…you know some folks are drinking some serious Haterade over these two trades in NY (the other NY) and Boston! Having some fun with these ball-point pen sketches… pgasolwb.jpgjsantanawb3.jpg

Super Masterminds

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this Sunday is going to be an all-out war..especially between two cantankerous, prune-lipped, happy-who-me? coaches…Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin, not exactly the life of the party types, but wowzer, can they coach and scowl like nobody’s biz…here’s a couple o’quik ball point pen sketches…