Play Strong

Ever see a kid who’s playing with so much pure enthusiasm that you can’t help but watch and smile? At Go Planet Design we believe that the games we play are played best in that contagious combo-zone of wonder, adventure and wholeheartedness. Two words stir this spirit, re-empowering us with that indomitable force of playful joy in all of our souls. Play Strong™. Inspire the world. Check out the cool Play Strong™ Online Store!



NFL Grudge Match?

Is this Patriots versus Chargers game turning into a grudge match? Could the 2007 mock-Merriman-dance-on-the-Charger logo come back to haunt the undefeated (but caught chump-cheating) Patriots? I guess we’ll find out on Sunday…   brady-lt.jpg 

The Agony of Fan-dom

It’s NFL playoff time which can only mean the pure, blind passion of the fan who’s lying, sputtering, in a pool of sweat, blood, pulled-out short hairs and ranch flavored chips spilled on the field of fan-dom…ahhh, the emotional roller coaster of fanatical devotion… fan100smpl.jpg