Delicious Deli

Just finished this illustrated design for a local (always packed, delicious food) deli celebrating their 25th anniversary, everyone in town loves this place…the town mascot is a tiger…felt pretty good about the way it turned out…they’re going to use it on t-shirts, mugs, merchandise…etc. I’ll be wearing out my t-shirt in matter of weeks. I love cool t-shirts.
One of my favorite delis of all time is Carnegie Deli in NYC, sky-scraper-stacks of corned beef on rye smothered in mustard, chased down with a monster-dill…my mouth is watering…where’s your favorite?


Clay Feat – Rafael Nadal Rocks!

This Rafael Nadal kid is incredible, and amazingly fun to watch…today’s French Open final was another reason why tennis is such a unique international athletic spectacle…here’s my rendition of the clay-court wildman…Rafael Nadal! What do you think about Rafa? And, if you liked this, check out all the cool tennis stuff at the GPD ONLINE SPORTS STORE!

Summer of Dreams

You just get the feeling this is going to be the greatest summer ever…I drew this just to get myself dreamin’…an illustration friday entry…
Ahh yes, it’s almost that time of year…bust out of school, put the new swim suit on, head to the lake and throw yourself off the dock, not a care in the world, the whole summer on the horizon, airborn freedom (with a little wave to the fans!), the inaugural cannonball splash! I love the lakes of the Northeast US and Tahoe, where are your favorite swimmin’ holes?

Tournament T-Shirt Designs

Did a few tournament t-shirts recently for the Brewster Sports Center’s A.A.U. Basketball Tournament series…there’s something about designing a t-shirt and then seeing it on a kid who’s wearing it with pride…awesome! I’m the kind of guy who wears my favorite t-shirt until it’s in ribbons…there’s nothing like an awesome, wear-it-’till-it-sheds-from-your-body t-shirt…what’s your favorite tee? Send me a pic and I’ll post it…


Main Street Sweet Shoppe

In our cool little Connecticut town, there’s an amazing sweet shoppe (notice the olde-time spelling?) where they make the most incredible homemade chocolate, scoop ice cream and where you can create your own candy bar…undeniably delicious! I did this illustration for their t-shirts, merchandise and advertising…good times!


A few entries from the sketchbook…


I’m back…more to come!

It’s been awhile, too long since I posted…this simple drawing I posted on Illustration Friday under the heading “Your Paradise”…life’s simple on the hoops court! More to come…thanks for checking in!