Sports Caricatures

To me there’s something especially fun about drawing sports caricatures…here’s a few from this year so far…Tom Brady, Shaun White, James Blake, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, LaDainian Tomlinson…and more to come…Andy Roddick, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Big Poppy…keep a look out! Also, check out the website for other sports caricatures…Rafael Nadal, Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Adam Morrison and others! And, if you liked this, check out all the cool stuff at the GPD ONLINE SPORTS STORE! caricatrs.jpg


SPORTS 100 #44,45,46,47,48

A few baseball brush and ink sketches…some parts of them I like, some I don’t, but the ink line variation I think is really cool…

SPORTS 100 #41,42,43

Dude, it’s February. Yeah, pretty much, we blinked once, opened our eyes and it’s already the middle of the second month of 2007…and true to our inner selves, we’re shedding the big sports events of ’07 like old, sweaty tube socks and movin’ on to the next…the Australian Open, over…the Winter X-Games, over, the Buick Invitational, over ladies and gentlemen…the Super Bowl, over! What’s next? you ask…ah yes, March Madness! Yes, the greatest sporting event of the year…and even tho I drew these last year, I wanted to post them just to get me all geared up…recognize any of these three? Who are your early bracket hot-picks?


A current montage of “SPORTS 100 – 100 Sports Illustrations In 100 Days” at day #43, havin’ fun!

SPORTS 100 – #38,39,40

I’m experimenting a bit…I like this look becuase it emphasizes the unique, simple shapes created by the stark pencil lines and the raw watercolor…what do you think? BTW, I know this coach doesn’t really go…he’s more of a football coach, I just liked the late Bo coach-in-charge look…

SPORTS 100 – #35,36,37

A trio of recent champions…the great Peyton Manning, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods! And, if you liked this, check out  all the super-cool stuff at the GPD ONLINE SPORTS STORE!pmnngtigrrgr_wb.jpg

SPORTS 100 – #34

OK, had a request for ping pong…keep those requests comin’!