SpORTS 100 – #32

Baseball…we’re still a few months out…but I drew this, well, just because it felt like it was time for a baseball drawing…How ’bout it, do you like baseball…what’s your favorite sport? What sports or sports subjects or sports personalities, or sports anything would you like to see illustrated? Let me know…and BTW if you liked this, check out all the cool sports gifts, merchandise and apparel at the GPD ONLINE STORE!


One Response

  1. Your work is totally amazing, Steve !!! Who is this player??? I just love the hip action and the somewhat bowed (sp?) leg!! I would like to send this to our friend, Arne and see if he would forward it to his Yankee son-in-law, Charlie … and get his feedback. It is starting soon; the teams will soon be going to Fla for “spring training”!

    Just how do I “forward” your blog to others?? I need some good directions for that; on your website, you have “send this to a friend” or something which is perfect. Could you add this to your blog site??? It would certainly help me. Maybe I should just go to your website and forward the page with your blog address; yet, I would really like to have the receiver NOT have to go thru too much to see your latest work. HELP!! Please reply to my email address for help; thanks.

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