SPORTS 100 – #26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

I’ve been experimenting with what I call “Decal Art”…silhouette illustrations done in Photoshop with a type or slogan as part of the design…they work great on apparel, merchandise, stickers (which is why I started)…what do you think, how do you like them compared to the hand-drawn illustrations? And, if you like these designs, you can  check them out on all sorts of cool t-shirts and stuff at the GPD ONLINE STORE!montagesilh.jpg


2 Responses

  1. Love this too … so interesting … would love a shirt for each design !! Where can I purchase them???? Maybe you could put the purchasing website on this blog. Thanks!

    Purchased the black shirt with the snowboarding silhouette (not featured here) which I just can’t wear enough !! The fabric is soft and continues to look good even with lots of washing !!

  2. Stephen,

    Is there somewhere we can purchase a shirt for each of these decal images … they are really super !!! Would just love to have them, even if I know no one who plays the sport !!!

    Let me know !!

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