SPORTS 100 – #21, 22

Here’s a couple of sketches inspired by the Australian Open…drawing women has always presented a bit of a dilemma for me…I enjoy caricature, stretching, exaggerating…etc. which I find much easier to do with illustrations of men, less so of women…so these two sketches have a bit of a different feel….the man is more of a caricature, the woman, more realistic…what do you think…


One Response

  1. She is beautiful … so graceful and fit!!

    Serena is just too heavy now; could you do a complimentary one of her?? You know, when she smiles she lights up the court !! And she could start a fire with her forehand crosscourt shot!!! She played absolutely amazing tennis this open; don’t you think ?? And she seemed to have a calmer attitude When she and “the Russian” were on the podium, one of them remarked that they are “Nike girls” … capitalize on that statement maybe?? The delicate Russian put beside the muscular, smiling Serena, both representing Nike very well ???!!

    Go for it, Steve!!

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