SPORTS 100 – #20

In sports, the FAN, the guy or gal who’s showing up with off-the-charts color support, to-the-end enthusiasm, “your grandmother wears ballet-shoes” verbal artillery…etc. is often an underappreciated aspect of the overall spectacle and experience. Take this guy for example, with the red power-tie. He’s your typical all-I-know-and-care-about-is-my-team fan. Do you appreciate him? Are you applauding him, cheering him on? You should be, because he’s putting it all on the line with his red tie. redpowertie_wb.jpg Think about it, in sports color is EVERYTHING. When I lived in Berkeley CA, I eventually threw out all red clothing, because it was unwearable, useless in Berkeley. Why? Because Stanford, the vehemently hated cross-town rivals are red. Not wear red, ARE red to the Berkeley-ite. Red came to represent everything repulsive. In sports COLOR is EVERYTHING. So, this guy right here could be the raving lunatic fan of lots of different teams simply because of the red tie…is he a Bulls fan? Stanford? Ohio State? Maybe BoSox? Is he repulsive to you? OR do you find yourself with estatic, you’re-my-bro! feelings for him because of the red tie? He’s wildly fired up, that’s obvious, but for whom? What team is he all nuts about as he wears this revealing tie on a Friday afternoon at the office? Let us know your colors…

6 Responses

  1. This guy is awesome! Nothin like showing up at the office sporting your favorite team. Im thinkin he likes all the teams you just named. He can’t wear his bulls headband, his red knee sox or his red facepaint at the same time so he is just representing them all with his sweet tie. I love this dude.

  2. What creative thinking you have … what insight to fans!!! He is adorable … does he need a hat?? … in his hand?? Or sticking out of a pocket??

  3. I should have said cap, not hat !!

  4. Just found the link on the side to the Go Planet Store; thanks for that! Just need a way to send to a friend, now.

  5. Hey Steve,
    These things are so kewl. I’m going to post your site on my blog as soon as I learn how to do so.

  6. Hey Wellington,
    Just give everyone the http address; I think that will be all you need! Great idea to get it around the country !

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