SPORTS 100 – #14

The Australian Open, the big tennis season opener kicks off! This is going to be the year when American men make their mark strong and early…James Blake, Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish…it’s on!

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2 Responses

  1. Steve:

    Great stuff! Keep it up and have a great New Year.

  2. from Lani again: You are so onnn with Blake !!! Impressive … he has the skinniest legs on the circuit … and you got them !! Glad you didn’t emphasize his scoliosis … altho it is esp apparent when he walks back from the net; isn’t he amazing to have overcome all of those odds !! He is playing soooo much better lately, too … altho yesterday the Russian American gave us all a scare in the beginning of that match yesterday! Would just love a poster of this Blake !!! Any chance ???

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