SPORTS 100 – #12a

Who’s your pick? Tom Brady aka “Mr. Playoffs” or the super sensation LT, LaDainian Tomlinson, the “Most Dominant Running Back Ever”? You know who I’m taking! And if you liked this, check out the GPD ONLINE SPORTS STORE! brady-lt.jpg

4 Responses

  1. Dude this is going to be a great game! LT vs TB. What a matchup. Love the drawings they are awesome! My prediction for the game is Chargers 27 Pats 17.

  2. Nick, thanks for the props, and I think you called it, nice prediction…LT will prove to be just too hot…

  3. Steve – What a great illustration!!

    chargers 27 Patriots 24…

    By the way what about sharing your love with one of the two newest Hall of Fame inductees – San Diego’s own Tony G!!

  4. LaDainain Tomlinson is an unbelievable Running Back! Best combonation of speed,power and vision that we havent seen in awhile.

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