SPORTS 100 – #12

The NFL playoffs are on! In my opinion the real Super Bowl match-up game is this coming weekend, Patriots vs. Chargers…Tom Brady, Mr. Cool, Mr. Playoffs (11-1 record)…going head-to-head with the most explosive RB in this generation, LT. I know a lot of my “from back-east” San Diego friends are gonna be trying to figure out who to root for…not me, I’m sitting here in freezing-all-of-a-sudden Connecticut yellin’ GO CHARGERS! What do you think?
Brady is still a classic…what a football player! And, be sure to check out ALL the super-cool football stuff at the GPD ONLINE STORE!


3 Responses

  1. HEY!! What about “Them Iggles”!!! Just like Rocky ( both from Philly) they’re “feeling strong now”.Why not, with a 5 game winning streak? Watch out Saints–Iggles are swooping to N.O. for some more prey!!

  2. You are amazing!!! I know your son Nick-he goes to my school.


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