SPORTS 100 (100 Sports Illustrations in 100 Days) #1

Okay, as you can see, it’s January 4th, but I’m pretending that it’s January 1st. Let me explain…I’ve been wanting to get this “Sports 100 – 100 Sports Illustrations in 100 Days” started for a few months, but it just hasn’t happened. So on Monday, like a fresh New Year’s art zealot, I sat down at my drawing board to launch my high-octane, sports fanatical illustration rocket (basically a self-inflicted art school, that I never went to, homework assignment) and here it is Thursday. What happened? Don’t ask. So my 100 days is officially starting Jan. 1 and ending April 10th. Here goes, and if you’re a sports superfan like me, enjoy!

One note: I’m starting with a hockey player, because we just recently moved back to the Northeast (Connecticut) from California (San Diego) and I’ve got to get my too-long-in-remission Boston University (class of ’87) on! I was at a party the other night packed with BC (Boston College) Eaglettes…all I had to say when confronted with their “How’s BU football going?” was “Beanpot”…each one wilted before me and begged for mercy. This year when BU wins, we will have more Beanpot Championships (28) than all the other three teams (Harvard, Northeastern, BC) COMBINED (27)! Eat your heart out other-Boston-schools people!


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